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Barnwars is a free two player, turn-based, tactical game for Android.

You can play using whatever method you and your friends prefer for keeping in touch; SMS, Gmail, IM, etc, they’re all supported!

How do I play?

Barnwars on Nexus 7

Players choose their team; a herd of cows or flock of sheep, and attempt to outwit their opponent.

You win by stealing your opponents bail of hay, or by simply knocking out every member of the opposing team. With a different map generated every time, no two battles are ever the same.

Play happens across any chatting system you and your friends prefer, for example:

  • SMS mes­sages
  • Email /​Gmail
  • Google Hang­outs
  • Blue­tooth

or other method your Android device supports for sending plain text, they can all be used.

How does it work?

Barnwars on Nexus S

This approach means you don’t have to setup yet another account and give away personal information to an unknown company. It also means you never have to worry about servers going down and preventing you from playing, you can simply send your moves through a different medium.

The free version can play an unlimited number of games by sharing a device between two players. This is basically the hotseat mode of older multiplayer games with the added convenience that the device changes hands, rather than you changing seats.

The free version can also accept invites to play games across two devices without limits. So if two friends wish to play, only one needs to have bought the full version. In this sense the free version is like a multiplayer spawn installation, with the additional bonus of supporting hotseat games.